Everything you need to know for your Thamesjet Experience

We are all about the fun and the speed but safety is our number one priority. 

So before your experience and adrenaline rush, here’s the boring BUT important bit:

For your own safety and the safety of others, you must follow the instructions given by our crew when embarking/ disembarking or on board any of our vessels.



COVID-19 Customer Information Update

When did we close?

Since we closed on the 20th of March we have been working hard behind the scenes to ensure that when we are able to re-open, we do so with new health and safety measures in place.

We are currently finalising our operational plans for when we re-open, in line with advice from the Government and local health authorities.

We will update our website once these are confirmed so that you can plan your visit in confidence, with our social distancing and hygiene measures in mind.

Bookings up until the 3rd of July 2020
All sailings have been cancelled up to and including the 3rd of July 2020. If you are booked to sail with us during this time and have not heard from us yet, please click below to find out how we can help you reschedule your booking.

We understand that you were looking forward to your experience with us and therefore we would like to reschedule your experience for an alternative date in the future with us. Unsure of a new travel date? Do not worry we have that covered, we can send you a voucher valid for 1 year from your original date of travel and you can contact us when you are ready.
Should you be unable to move your booking to another date please email us at [email protected] and we will be in touch with you to process your cancellation.  Thank you for your patience.
Sailings from the 4th of July 2020
If you are booked to sail with us from the 4th of July 2020, you will soon be able to find out more about what our health and safety teams are doing behind the scenes to plan for re-opening. We will continue to update this section as we publish these plans in full. This will include new measures for social distancing pre-boarding, and whilst on board, along with our cleaning procedures and hygiene facilities supplied on board.

Bookings for Public Services from 4th July onwards – normal terms and conditions apply. Click here for more info.


Arriving for your Thamesjet

It is important to arrive 20 minutes before your Thamesjet. This time is needed to give you your safety briefing and get your life jackets and waterproof clothing on.

Failure to arrive with enough time to do the briefing may result in you missing your experience.

Thamesjet leave on time and cannot be delayed, there are no exceptions

Are children allowed to travel?

For safety reasons, the minimum height requirement to travel on Thamesjet is 1.35 metres (4 ft. 5in.). 

Seating arrangements on Thamesjet are solely at the discretion of the Captain and front seats require passengers to be well above the minimum height due to a larger gap between the seat and the handrail. 

Children under the age of 16 years must be accompanied by an adult.

Is there a height restriction to travel on a ThamesJet?

For safety reasons, the minimum height requirement to travel on Thamesjet is 1.35 metres (4 ft. 5in.). 

Seating arrangements on Thamesjet are solely at the discretion of the Captain and front seats require passengers to be well above the minimum height due to a larger gap between the seat and the handrail. 


Do I need to wear a Life Jacket and Waterproof clothing?

You will be given life jackets before boarding, the wearing of them is compulsory and must be worn at all times.

Waterproof jackets (and if required trousers) will be offered to all passengers.

Life jackets and protective clothing are the property of City Cruises Plc and must be returned at the end of the trip.

What should I wear for my Thamesjet experience?

Please dress appropriately for your Thamesjet experience, also taking into account that the river is often cooler than the shore.

Flat shoes are highly recommended, certain footwear such as high heeled or other footwear that may possibly damage the boat, are not permitted on board.

Are there any Medical Conditions that prevent me from travelling?

Without being exhaustive, Thamesjet is not recommended for people suffering from back or other bone conditions, epilepsy, dizziness, angina or heart conditions. Expectant mothers should not travel at any stage of pregnancy.

Passengers are required to advise Thamesjet of any medical conditions or disabilities at the time of booking. Passengers should consider themselves to be sufficiently medically fit to undertake this high speed boat ride and if there is any doubt should seek medical advice before booking.

If you suffer from any of the above we suggest you try something a little more relaxed, see our about us page for some great ideas on City Cruises sightseeing.

Do you allow wheelchairs on board?

Thamesjet vessels are, for safety reasons, not designed or adapted for passengers in wheelchairs. 

Passengers must be independently mobile.

Please feel free to contact our reservations team should you require any further assistance in this matter before booking.

Can I reserve my seating?

Seating in a particular area cannot be reserved.

How wide are the seats?

The seats on Thamesjet are 37 inches wide. The seats are designed to accommodate two adults. If you are unable to sit comfortably with another adult next to you for any reason you may be refused permission to travel on your requested trip. If space and scheduling allows you will be offered an alternative journey but this cannot be guaranteed.

Will I be asked to move from where I’m sitting?

Single travellers may be asked to move to sit with another passenger to allow groups/ families travelling together to be next to one another.

Are there toilet facilities on board?

Due to the nature of the Jet boat, there are no toilets on board.

There are public toilets next to Westminster Station (exit 1) as you turn left when exiting heading towards the pier, these toilets require a payment to enter.

Can I bring Luggage on board?

For safety reasons, and for the comfort of passengers, only small hand luggage items are allowed aboard Thamesjet vessels. At the discretion of staff, and entirely at your own risk, larger items may be left on shore for collection at the end of your journey.

Can Animals (including guide and hearing dogs) come on board?

It is regrettable that, for safety reasons, we are unable to carry on board animals of any kind including guide dogs and hearing dogs. Guide dogs and hearing dogs may be allowed to the boarding platform with express permission and prior notice.

Can I eat or drink on board?

The consumption of food or drink on board Thamesjet is not permitted.

Excesses alcohol and high speeds do not mix so we're afraid it's zero tolerance and Thamesjet reserve the right to refuse a passenger the right to board and no refund will be offered.

Can I Smoke on board?

For safety reasons you must not smoke on our vessels or any facilities used by us, except in designated smoking areas only.

Can I change or cancel my tickets?

Once made all bookings are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Thamesjet schedule

Thamesjet reserves the right to alter your booking time or date should the minimum passenger numbers not be reached up to thirty minutes prior to your departure time.

Although any such action will be exceptional, we do not guarantee to operate any service in accordance with published schedules. We reserve the right, when necessary, to alter timetables, re-route vessels or stop them serving a pier for reasons of safety, without notice. 

Where possible, we will try to contact you in advance of such a change but these changes may take place at very short notice, please ensure that your correct contact details are added when purchasing your tickets.

Terms and Conditions

Please click for our Terms & Conditions 

Rules of the River

Needless to say our skippers are fully qualified to operate these high performance boats and are happy to show you just "what she'll do", but only within the confines of the rules of the river.

The maximum speed allowable is 35mph (or 30 knots if you are nautically minded) once we are beyond Tower Bridge.

Last but not least

So you have:
Read the rules and Terms & Conditions 
Brought your ticket
Arrived 20 minutes before your departure time
Had your briefing
Wearing the life jacket and waterproofs
Now it is time to board

Customer Comments and Feedback

Any passenger complaints should be made within fourteen days of the event.
Should you need to discuss any elements of your cruise, please send a detailed written account to our Customer Service Team including your booking reference number
To contact City Cruises Customer Service Team:
By email:
[email protected]
By post:
City Cruises PLC
Customer Service Team
Unit 6, 1 Mill Street, Scott’s Sufferance Wharf
What to expect
You should expect an acknowledgement within three to five working days of receiving your complaint.

A full investigation will then take within 10 to 14 working days. Please note that special events may take up to 28 working days.

If you are complaining on behalf of someone else, include their written consent with your email as this will speed up the process.
The Customer Service Team will aim to respond in full to your complaint within the agreed time, however, if the issue is complicated, any delay will be explained and you will be kept informed of progress.

EU nationals travelling to the UK after EU Exit

Leaving the EU means that a number of changes will affect businesses and individual citizens but we want to reasurre you that travel to the UK will still be possible with ease.

We will do our best to keep you informed but please for more information visit the HM Government website here

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